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There’s No Such Thing As a Tech Expert Anymore

Members of Congress clearly don’t understand the tech companies they’re supposed to regulate. But neither does anyone else. By Lab Director, Siva Vaidhyanathan. 


America is not prepared for schools opening this fall. This will be bad.

We’re just weeks from schools opening, and they aren’t ready. Parents, children, teachers – everyone will be affected. By Lab Director, Siva Vaidhyanathan. 

The Guardian

The economy v our lives? It's a false choice, and a deeply stupid one

Lab director, Siva Vaidhyanathan, on the US economy being back to full-speed by Easter.

The Guardian

Google will not save America From Coronavirus

President Trump is acting like the search giant will be a deus ex machina for public health. He's out of his mind. By Siva Vaidhyanathan 


FCC set to fine big telecom companies for selling location data. Is $200 million enough?

Lab Director Siva Vaidhyanathan comments on FCC fines issued to top cell phone carriers for selling customer's real-time location data.


Silicon Valley sells snake oil solutions. The Democratic party fell for them.

If the Democrats take only one lesson from Iowa, it should be that simple, dependable technology is better than flimsy, new technology. By Siva Vaidhyanathan.

The Guardian

Exxon Mobil Is the Most Damaging Tech Company

This essay, by lab director Siva Vaidhyanathan, accompanies the Evil List, Slate’s poll of experts on the most worrisome companies in tech.