• Democracy in Danger is one to watch!

  • UVA Podcast Explores the Rise of Illiberalism

The Deliberative Media Lab is a part of UVA’s Democracy Initiative.

The Deliberative Media Lab focuses initially on Brazil and the United States—two major democracies that have experienced cultural and political strife influenced and amplified by social media. The Lab will explore the historical, cultural, and technological roots of our media ecosystem, and seek solutions for enhancing global democratic deliberation.


There’s nothing like listening to a thought-provoking podcast, especially during the times we’re living in today.

It is with this in mind that UVA Today has identified over a half-dozen from the University of Virginia community that offer a little something for everyone.

From a podcast centered on navigating white spaces as a woman of color, to one centered on democracy, to one geared toward helping improve listeners’ mental health, here are seven new podcasts worth checking out.


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