As we work to understand and define a global media ecosystem that enables its citizens to participate in informed deliberation, we will be focused on seven key questions.

  • How does our current social media and information ecosystem affect foreign and security policy?
  • What are the benefits and drawbacks of using social media to organize political actions?
  • How can we promote values like truth and trust without suppressing emerging voices?
  • What is the role of the state in validating claims on which policies and decisions rest?
  • Can we develop norms, skills, and platforms that foster respectful deliberation without being hijacked by anti-democratic forces?
  • What would new digital platforms that foster deliberation look like?
  • How can we construct a media system that fosters deliberation and, thus, fosters democracy?

Interdisciplinary research is critical to understanding the impact of technology on politics, economics, and culture.  The Deliberative Media Initiative is unique in that it brings together experts in computer science, cybersecurity, data science, behavioral science, journalism, social sciences, and cultural history to explore technology’s impact from a broad range of perspectives. Contributors to the project will include UVA faculty members in Media Studies, Politics, Psychology, German Studies, Latin American studies, American studies, Public Policy, Engineering, and Data Science.